Progeny (la Couvée) is a French tabletop RPG in which the players impersonate space ants serving their almighty Queen Bee, the Mum. How they achieve their goals and make the colony grow is up to them in an universe where humans are but lumps of meat in shiny cans, self-awareness is limited by the hive mind, and every living organism sees them as a danger !

Gathering biomass, exploring, evolving, surviving and ultimately reaching conciousness will be your goals in that game in the making. In the meatime, it’s my pleasure to collaborate to the rulebook by giving it all manners of disgusting lovely illustrations.


Vivere part 2

I’ve been collaborating with the author Quentin Forestier since 2014 to create and illustrate the 54 creature of the bestiary of his game, Vivere. Hopefully the players wandering through the deserts of Hypéris and navigating over Sigma will have as much fun taming and fighting those beasts as i’ve had drawing them !


The Construction Games con

The 2015 edition of the Construction Games Con of Hyères (France) is a family-oriented fair and a place to discover and play with all kind of construction toys. The organizers wanted a cute mascot for the promotion of the event. After a few iterations, we decided this little guy would be the one !

Kawi Park

A French MMOG for 6-10 years old. The game features multiplayer minigames and PvP arenas as well as numerous community tools. Cartoon series were broadcasted on France Television in 2012.

I designed assets for the game universe and environment, outfits and accessories for playable characters as well as kid-friendly website and interfaces.

Sadly, the game is no longer available for playing as its shareholders decided to ditch years of work on a whim.


Vivere part 1

An indie tabletop RPG by Quentin Forestier; Vivere takes the players to a journey into a grim, yet colorful future in which humankind scattered through the galaxy, led by the avatars of its dead gods. The project was crowdfunded in 2012 and the book edited by 2014.
This section introduces some of the fauna the players may encounter during their travels.